Tempted by paddling in Dalsland, a holiday in the Bohuslän archipelago or shopping in Västergötland? West Sweden offers family friendly attractions, culture and world class food. And one of Europe’s most charming cities – Gothenburg.

Dalsland – a thousand lakes and a thousand opportunities

Dalsland is just a short drive from the Bohuslän coast. Thousands of lakes, vast forests, abundant wildlife and the Dalsland Canal make the area attractive to wildlife enthusiasts. Take a day cruise on the canal, hire a kayak and try your luck fishing! Or try a beaver- or moose safari, or ‘dresaine’ down disused railway tracks. Dalsland offers exciting outdoor adventures interspersed with cosy villages, museums and local food that all leave an impression.

The gems of the Bohuslän archipelago

The Bohuslän coastline is framed by charming fishing villages and the range of experiences at sea and on dry land is never-ending. From early spring to late autumn you can go kayking, take a fishing trip or a seafood safari, all great family activities. This is true for many of the islands too; Kosterhavet National Park and Marstrand outside Gothenburg are easily accessible for day trips.

Västergötland with castles and shopping

Västergötland offers swimming in lakes, plenty of small artisan producers and attractions such as Läckö Castle and the Borås Zoo. But the area is also famous for a great textile tradition and exciting factory outlets. Every year, millions of people travel to Sjuhärad to snap up a bargain, whether looking for interior design, sports equipment or clothes at extremely low prices.

Gothenburg – Europe’s most charming city?

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city and offers great shopping, fantastic museums, parks, and Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, Liseberg. It is a must to experience the archipelago. But if time is short, you can also get an unforgettable taste of the sea at one of the city’s eminent fish and seafood restaurants!