The region of Skåne is at the southern tip of Sweden, and it is here that spring, warm days, summer and happy holidays arrive in the country first!

A landscape that invites you to a wealth of activities

Skåne has over 70 golf courses and nearly 300 castles and manor houses with stately parks. The region is known as the ‘plate of Sweden’ due to its excellent signature dishes, skilled restaurateurs , hundreds of farm shops and an exciting diversity in farming. Getting to know the landscape is easy; the flat terrain allows for cycling , ‘dresain’ peddling and lazy days on the long white, sandy beaches.

From coast to coast in 1.5 hours

Skåne is perfect for a road trip; in 1.5 hours you can cross the whole region! Travel to Tosselilla Summerland at Österlen, Skåne’s Animal Park, and the medieval castle Glimmingehus. Or try the fishing villages Mölle and Arild, and seaside resorts Torekov and Båstad. Skåne has everything – for everyone. There’s a saying which describes how very special this region is – ”Skåne is Swedish. And a little bit Danish. But first and foremost it is Skånsk (Scanian)”!

Sparkling cultural attractions

The university city of Lund, the tennis metropolis Båstad, and the detective Wallander’s hometown of Ystad, are all on the list of places that must be experienced. They offer fabulous shopping, exciting museums and an impressive palette of food, culture and antiques. However, the top sight is Malmö. The city has a road connection with Copenhagen via the 8 km long Öresund Bridge, famous from the crime series ‘The Bridge’. Those who are not driving across the bridge themselves, get a great view of it, and the Östersund sound, from the Western Harbour district in Malmö. This area is also home to the iconic Turning Torso building – plus the beach Ribersborg – also known as Malmö’s very own Copacabana!