Sweden’s toughest hiking

If you would like to hike or climb in the mighty outdoors, Swedish Lapland’s four National Parks, Sarek, Padjelanta, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus are perfect destinations. See moose, lynx, wolverine and arctic fox while you travers tundra, roaring rivers, mountains, glaciers and ravines. Safe? Absolutely not! This is a place for experienced climbers and adventurers.

Adventurous water sports

While the region of Västerbotten has the Vindel River and the region of Dalarna has Idre Fjäll, Värmland proudly shows off Klarälven River that runs straight through the town of Karlstad. All are great for canoeing and rafting. If you’re more into surfing or kiting, Öresund outside Malmö has all the big waves and strong winds. The Bohuslän coast and archipelago, as well as the inland lakes and canals, offer exciting challenges for canoeists.

Fishing for all!

Coastlines and lakes in Sweden feature an incredible 37 different kinds of fish! Rent a kayak and head out on an adventure in the Stockholm or Gothenburg archipelagos. Head to Klarälven and Dalälven in Central Sweden where pike and perch play in the rivers. Or why not visit the rivers in the Arctic Circle in the north? This is where nature is so extreme that you will need a local guide to help you with bait!

Cycling as a sport

Sweden has lots of challenging cycling trails, for example the Klarälven trail at 210 kilometres and the trails along Göta Canal between Gothenburg and Stockholm in the lowlands. The trails in Bohuslän and Dalsland offer high speed and a high pulse. But why not travel north, into the mountains? Åre Bike Park’s mountain bike trails offer the ultimate challenge – along with  world renown Björkliden in Swedish Lapland.