Southern Sweden’s coastline – Skåne, Halland and Blekinge

If you arrive from Copenhagen across the Öresund Bridge, one of the first things you see is the 2.5 kilometre long Ribersborg beach in the centre of Malmö. After that, all you need to do is follow the coast north to the region of Halland. Strong winds and high waves make the white sandy beaches of Simrishamn in Skåne, Varberg and Apelviken in Halland a particularly popular holiday destination for both families and surfers. Still curious? Both Karlskrona and Karlshamn in Blekinga have lovely archipelagos.

Coast and skerries of Småland

The coast of Småland – extending more than 1200 km on the mainland alone – boasts deep bays, long peninsulas jutting into the Baltic Sea and hundreds of rocky islands offshore. As if this weren’t enough, Småland’s chain of skerries stretches from Mönsterås in the south to Loftahammar in the north and provides a wealth of unspoilt nature for kayakers to discover. In contrast, the islands of the east coast offer sun-warmed rocks, shady groves, gnarled pines and deep forests. The Västervik archipelago alone numbers more than 5000 skerries and islands.

The Bohuslän coast – framed by fishing villages

Have you heard of Smögen, Grebbestad, Lysekil and Fjällbacka? They are just a few of the fishing villages stretching from Gothenburg along the coast to the Norwegian border near Svinesund. Here awaits beaches and rocks that you can swim from. If you travel to Bohuslän along the west coast you will see original wood-clad houses, fishermen’s cabins next to the sea, bustling marinas and small fishing village communities that welcome you with open arms. Island-hopping in the archipelago? But of course! A number of ferries take you straight out to these paradise islands – even just outside Gothenburg!

The High Coast (Höga Kusten) – part of the UNESCO World Heritage list

The 100 kilometre long Höga Kusten (or High Coast) is part of the Gulf of Bothnia and starts north of the town of Sundsvall. For hikers and swimmers alike this is an extremely desirable area; the coastline is characterised by steep granite cliffs and rocky islands coming out of the sea. Spectacular? You bet! The many high cliff formations, formed when the ice withdrew around 9,600 years ago, are a spectacular sight.

Stockholm with its stunning archipelago

Stockholm is built on 14 islands, and the archipelago consists of over 30,000 skerries and islets that are easily reached by one of the many sightseeing boats that depart from the city centre. Where will the boats take you? To islands like Grinda, Vaxholm, Fjäderholmarna and Sandhamn – where swimming is world class and idyllic is an understatement.