If you’re driving across the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen, you will end up right in the heart of the region of Skåne, or to be more specific the city of Malmö. Malmö offers excellent shopping, top restaurants, parks, museums and even a beach, Ribersborg, right in the centre of the city. The region of Skåne is sometimes called the Tuscany of Sweden; rolling hills, fertile soil, world class golf courses, 300 beautiful castles and manor houses, wonderful beaches and charming villages are all on offer – plus a mild climate year round.

Choose between coast, big city or countryside

Just north of Skåne are the regions of Småland, Halland and Blekinge. Småland, famous for the Astrid Lindgren World, High Chaparral, deep forests and thousands of lakes. Halland and Blekinge are both renowned for their amazing beaches. Then it’s straight to West Sweden with the big city of Gothenburg, the magical Bohuslän coastline, the deep forests of Dalsland and West Götaland’s famous design and porcelain factory outlet.

West Sweden is a truly varied and exciting area. Don’t miss the amusement park Liseberg, the science centre, Universeum, in Gothenburg, or Sweden’s first marine national park at the Koster Islands. Or why not join a moose safari in Dalsland or explore the tableland mountains of Halle Hunneberg? Southern Sweden on the whole offers endless possibilities for outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, cycling, fishing and swimming, all in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world.