Sweden has beautiful forests from the north to the south – east to west. The regions of Skåne and Småland in the south are dominated by deciduous forest, while Central Sweden and Northern Sweden are characterised by pine and fir trees. Looking for moose safaris, amazing hiking and cycling trails? Here are some tips!

Springtime near the Öresund Bridge

If you are travelling across the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö, it’s a short drive to visit Söderåsen National Park or Dalby Söderskog National Park in Skåne. Here you can experience fantastic springtime bloom, green deciduous forests, beautiful bird singing and hiking trails.

Småland – the centre of moose safaris

Just a short trip inland you will find the adventure playground of Småland. It’s all about vast forest and flat terrain here. Looking for the best hiking trails? Then visit Store Mosse National Park or Isaberg – a beautiful forest and lake area between Jönköping and golfers haven Halmstad. With over 250,000 moose in Sweden, it’s one of the countries in Europe with the most moose per area. A moose safari is a popular and exotic experience, but Småland is also the perfect region for cycling, canoeing, horse riding and fishing.

Beautiful forests in Central Sweden

Fulufjället Nationalpark in Dalarna in Central Sweden is brilliant for all ages. The terrain is varied and consists of deep valleys, plateaus and beautiful green forests. Take the whole family to forage for berries and mushrooms, enjoy the spring flowers or the autumn colours, or try your hand a fishing and go for a swim in a clear lake in the middle of the forest! Njupeskär is Sweden’s highest waterfall – and with 140 kilometres of marked trails around the park means it is easy to find all the attractions.

The forests of Swedish Lapland

Björnlandet National Park in Swedish Lapland, near the town of Fredrika, offers truly impressive nature experiences. This park is a mountainous and challenging option for the experienced hiker. But those brave enough to try are rewarded by un-spoilt forest, true wilderness and a piece of well-preserved Swedish natural history – huge forest fires raged through the area in the mid- 19th century. Fancy a great end destination for your hike? The peak of Björn here in northern Sweden offers an unforgettable view.