Follow the foodie trail around Sweden

Skåne has ”Taste of Skåne”, while West Sweden has ”Taste of West Sweden”. And they’re not on their own; most of the regions in the country have food networks that show you the way to local specialities. And make sure you follow the White Guide – Sweden’s very own restaurant guide will send you straight to the best places.

Food and experiences = Culinary experiences!

Spring, summer and autumn is the best season for seafood! Join the fishermen for a mussel- and lobster safari in Bohuslän, dive after oysters in Grebbestad and enjoy fantastic meals in one of Gothenburg’s many fish- and seafood restaurants. It can’t get more locally sourced than that! Or actually, Sweden has thousands of farm shops. Gotland is often likened to heaven itself; fresh vegetables, fruit, berries and cheese are only beaten by the autumn promise of exclusive truffle safaris. You read it correctly: the island of Gotland is bursting with truffles!

Each region – each with its own specialty

The delicatessen around the corner often has local specialties on its shelves. Ask for the fermented herring and Kalix bleak roe from the Baltic Sea. Or herring from Bohuslän – it’s the guest of honour on the table during Sweden’s Midsummer and Christmas celebrations. The farm shops and breweries in Västergötland are worth the trip in their own right, and the Västerbotten cheese is of course famous all over the world! The mountain regions are joining in too: Jämtland has that highest number of artisan producers in northern Europe, and the best ones are part of the network Gastronomy Jämtland Härjedalen. Matured goats’ cheese that melts in the mouth? You can find it here! And when you have finished shopping? Wherever you are in Sweden, take a break, have a coffee and a cinnamon bun. This is called to ‘Fika’ – and Swedes do it more or less all the time.