Småland has thousands of lakes and a long coastline along the Baltic Sea. Known for the island of Öland, and family attractions such as Astrid Lindgren’s World and High Chaparral. Plus lovely small towns such as Gränna and the island Visingsö.

A landscape like a perfect Swedish painting

With deep green forests, 5,000 lakes, a beautiful coastline and traditional red cottages, the Småland countryside looks like it’s been taken straight out of an Astrid Lindgren book. A perfect holiday for the kids? Head to Astrid Lindgren’s World, where Pippi Longstocking and Emil will welcome them with open arms. If you like adventure and excitement, there’s a Wild West atmosphere at High Chaparral.

The island with the highest number of sunshine hours in all of Sweden

Öland is connected to the mainland by a bridge and it has the highest number of sunshine hours in the country. With 75 nature reserves and a 300 km long coastline it’s fantastic for those who want to swim, cycle and hike. The list of attractions is long, but be sure to catch Öland’s Animal and Amusement Park and the Swedish Royal family’s summer palace Solliden!

Culture that tastes extra sweet

Certain things in Småland are a must-see: the Kingdom of Crystal (Glassriket) and the Furniture Kingdom (Möbelriket) provide a fantastic insight into Swedish glass art and furniture design. In Gränna you have plenty of ‘polka pig’ (Polkagris) factories, crisp bread bakeries, biking trails and specialty shops, while Visingö (Visings Island) has the Visingsborg Castle ruins dating from 1560. Småland has a great food tradition and plenty of farm shops. If at any time you want to swap the sweet taste of the ‘polka pig’ sweets for proper food, then try signature dishes Krösamos, ostkaka (a type of cheesecake) and Vättern char. Or the jewel in the crown – the lightly smoked, coarse sausage Isterband.