Central Sweden, also called Svealand, is home to Sweden’s capital Stockholm, as well as family friendly regions such as Mälardalen, Roslagen, Bergsdalen, Dalarna and Värmland.

The capital of Stockholm

With almost 35,000 islands, skerries and rocks there is no wonder Stockholm is seen to have one of the most beautiful archipelagos. It’s unique in its easy access from the city – ferries bring you out to island paradises such as Grinda, Vaxholm, Sandhamn and Fjäderholmarna in the blink of an eye. If you have time, try to spend a day or two in the archipelago; the islands have plenty of restaurants, inns, hotels and areas where you can even pitch your own tent. During the summer the small fishing communities come to life with phenomenal fish smokehouses, distilleries, farm shops, butchers and bakeries. In other words, the Stockholm archipelago has everything you need for an adventurous and diverse holiday.

Back on the main land, Stockholm offers all you can wish for of in terms of exclusive shopping, family attractions and foodie experiences. Looking for cool cafes, innovative street food, gastro pubs or gourmet cuisine? You’ll find it all here! Then add the attractions such as the Royal Djurgården park, the outdoor museum Skansen and the amusement park Gröna Lund – all just a quick tram, boat or bus trip from the Old Town. If you’re looking for a slice of Sweden served on a silver plate, Stockholm is definitely the place for you.

Animal parks in Norrköping and Mälardalen

Gårdsjö moose park, just an hour outside Stockholm, is an amazing experience for the whole family. The moose in the park roam free in a huge area of forests, meadows and lakes. However, they love visitors – which means it’s easy to get some fantastic close-up photos of the king of the forest. If you prefer to visit the larges animal park of the Nordic countries head to Kolmården, about an hour and a half from the capital and 30 kilometres north of Norrköping. Here you can watch a dolphin show or go on a safari to see tigers, bears, wolves and rhinos – all guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained!

Highlights in the regions of Dalarna and Värmland

In Dalarna mountain biking comes into its own, and Säfsen, Idre Fjäll and Sälen are all fantastic cycling destinations. In Säfsen you can cycle across the mountains, fish, go horse riding or canoe down rivers. For a more peaceful activity, head to Treard Event in Bergslagen where you can try the techniques of smithing and make your own candle holders as a souvenir to take home. Tempted by beaver safaris, canoeing, cycling or lazy days in the archipelago? The region of Värmland is filled to the brim with fun activities for families. And if you would tire of the summer heat there is even a 1.3 kilometre long ski tunnel that offers skiing throughout the summer! Not only that, but the waterpark Sunne, by the lake of Fryken, is a must for families.