The new names taking over the catwalk

Swedes are exceptionally trend- and fashion savvy. Young, Swedish, up and coming designers are considered the ‘new wine’ in the fashion world, and have gained a solid foothold internationally. Brands like Acne, Filippa K, J. Lindberg, Nudie Jeans, Cheap Monday, WE, WeSC and Weekday all feature Swedish design at its best and you can find the brands across the country. Tip: In Sjuhärad there some 40 factory outlets with extremely low prices on clothing, interior design and sportswear.

Glass art, furniture, fabric and porcelain

For an insight into Swedish glass art and furniture design, travel to the Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) and the Furniture Kingdom (Möbelriket) in Småland, where IKEA was founded. Visit glassworks and glass studios, blow your own glass and then stay overnight at the glass hotel Kosta Boda Art Hotel. With factory outlets and museums, Rörstrand Porslinsfabrik in Lidköping is also worth a trip – the Nobel dinner porcelain is made here! And for you? Klässbol Linnesväveri in Värmland provide the napkins for the same dinner.

Unique souvenirs along the road

Each region, and many cities too, have their own specialties in food and design. Buy a Dala Horse in Dalarna, Västerbotten Cheese in Västerbotten and a glass of herring when holidaying on the west coast! In northern Sweden awaits reindeer sausages, Sami handicrafts and Kalix Bleak Roe. But don’t forget to stop at the “Loppis” signs along the roads: the region of Skåne is a paradise for antiques, but you can find treasures within Swedish crafts, design and artefacts at auctions and flea-markets all over the country.