The West Sweden region consists of Bohuslän, Dalsland, Västergötland and the big city of Gothenburg. Here you find an abundance of amazingly well-placed campsites by the sea, by lakes, along canals and in forests. Fantastic museums, zoos and shopping? They’re all nearby! Go into and find your favorite camping in West Sweden!

Sparkling beach holidays in Bohuslän

Along the entirety of the Bohuslän coast there are charming, traditional fishing communities. From early spring to late autumn these villages are bubbling with the hustle and bustle, and tourists are enjoying sun, swimming, organised fishing trips, kayaking, diving as well as sightseeing tours in the archipelago. If you choose a campsite near Grebbestad, Smögen or Kungshamn, you are guaranteed spectacular swimming conditions, a wide range of activities for children, and attractions such as Havets Hus in Lysekil, the Nordens Ark zoo and petroglyphs in Vitlycke nearby. Smögen is one of Sweden’s biggest tourist attractions and famous for its cobbled alleyways, delicious restaurants and charming, traditional wooden houses.

Deep forests and peaceful canal holidays in Dalsland

Dalsland is known as the land of a thousand lakes; opportunities for hunting, fishing, canoeing, as well as swimming, pop up at every turn. The Dalsland Canal meanders through the lush, green landscape, and if you’re not paddling through the locks, you can hop on a boat and take a day cruise through them. Prefer sightseeing on land? Visit a museum like Halmens Hus, or rent a ‘draisine’ and pedal through Dalsland on disused railway tracks! Or go for the charm of towns like Åmål and Bengtsfors, bursting with boutiques and cafes.

City camping in Gothenburg and live like a king in Lidköping

Want to combine a camping holiday with shopping, amazing restaurants and family attractions such as Liseberg Amusement Park and the Science Centre Universeum? In Gothenburg you can camp in the city centre, just a tram ride away from the spectacular archipelago and the beautiful islands! If you’d rather enjoy the countryside, travel to Västergötland and the town of Lidköping! Here attractions such as Läckö Castle awaits you, with plenty of entertainment, factory outlets at Rörstrand Porslinsfabrik and the 5-star KronoCamping complete with swimming pool! Want to check out all campsites in West Sweden? Click here for more Information.

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