Öland is a dream destination for a camper. The island is connected to the mainland by a 6 km long bridge, and ashore you have 24 wonderful campsites waiting, all bursting with activities and fun for active families all summer long!

Take your pick from 24 different campsites

The Öland Bridge starts just north of the city of Kalmar on the east coast of Småland, and stretches over Kalmar Sound. When you arrive you’re met by a varied landscape with 300 km of coastline which makes for a wonderful holiday filled with sun and swimming. The island’s 24 campsites are scattered like charming holiday gems from the northern tip to the south and the quality is outstanding: You can check in at 5 star places or look for an excellent location close to some of Öland’s finest beaches. Want a full list of campsites in Öland? You can get a list of all campsites here to book your dream holiday today!

Refreshing, sporty day for the whole family

Öland has a total of 75 nature reserves, and cycling is an ideal mode of transport on the island. Each campsite has superb family attractions right nearby; Öland Zoo and Amusement Park, the royal family’s summer palace Solliden, the ancient castle of Eketorp, Öland’s Museum Himmelberg and Borgholm Castle are all must-sees! The Butterfly Museum with 800 species, and the ecological centre at Skogsby which hosts bumblebee safaris for children, are both also guaranteed winners!

Watch the camping videos

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