Sweden has some 1000 superb campsites from Skåne in south, to Swedish Lapland in the North, with 450 of them being members in SCR Swedish camping. You can camp in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, on islands, in fishing villages and in the unique wilderness, surrounded by deep forests and roaring rivers. Tempting? Definitely, and especially for families!

Lots of fun for mum and dad, but even more for the kids!

For a child a campsite is like a miniature version of the big world! They can roam freely, quickly find playmates, and experience a range of fun activities every day. At Sweden’s campsites you will find everything from exclusive swimming pools, pirate clubs, summer shows and miniature golf. Plus boat trips, treasure hunts, picnics and disco nights. While some places are so fabulously big and beautiful that you have a mini train taking you between attractions, others are in beautiful nature reserves and takes you back to basics in no time. Exotic and exciting? Absolutely! Sweden has a place and a paradise for every desire – and for every family! Visit www.camping.se today and lose yourself among Sweden’s 450 unique campsites !

From top end to bare essentials

Whether you have a caravan, motorhome, tent or nothing at all, Sweden has a campsite that suits you. Many have houses and cottages, charming locations near lakes or by the sea and have amenities such as restaurants, kids clubs, shops and their own beach. And not only that – right outside the campsite you get top sights and attractions, adding a golden sheen to any family holiday. Zoos, amusement parks, rock climbing, canoeing, bike trails, ‘Draisine’ (pedal-powered rail-cycles), museums, golf courses or rafting? Plan your children’s ultimate dream holiday. If you have the dream, Sweden has the campsite!

Watch the camping videos

Have you already seen our Camping videos? SCR Swedish camping produced some 20 short, funny and informing videos about popular destinations, most of them with English subitles. Take a look!