Camp along the coast, on islands, in big cities, in the wilderness and on mountain tops. From Skåne in the south to Lapland in the north, like pearls on a string, lie Sweden’s 450 campsites whuch are members in SCR – Swedish camping!

Many of them have self-containing cabins, top facilities and separate children’s clubs that keep kids active all day long. And with over 10,000 cabins, from Björkliden in the north to Löderup in the south, it’s easy peasy to enjoy camping even if you don’t own your own caravan or motorhome.

Many of the Swedish campsites are open year round, you can camp in cities like Gothenburg and Malmö, on islands, in fishing villages and in the unique wilderness, surrounded by deep forests and roaring rivers. Even in Sweden’s capital Stockholm camping is easy as there are many beautiful campsites. Tempting? Definitely, and especially for families!

Watch the camping videos

Have you already seen our Camping videos? SCR Swedish camping produced some 20 short, funny and informing videos about popular destinations, most of them with English subitles. Take a look!

How to get to Sweden

Travel by the Stena Line ferries to Sweden and start your holiday in comfort. You can choose from several routes…