Want to camp in one of Sweden’s most beautiful natural landscapes? If you’re driving across the Öresund Bridge from Denmark to Malmö, you have over 40 fantastic campsites and hundreds of cabins in the region of Skåne waiting for you.

Family friendly campsites

It only takes an hour to drive from one side of Skåne to the other, and in the course of a week you can experience several campsites. Some are small, others large – what they all have in common is their proximity to national parks, picturesque villages, lakes and lovely beaches. Would you like a full overview of SCR campsites in southern Sweden? Then click here for the full list.

A fantastic selection of cabins

Want to camp, but don’t own a motorhome or caravan? Skåne has a wide selection of cabins of various sizes and price ranges. If you love fishing and canoeing, then head to the cabins along Skåne’s southern and eastern coasts. If golf is your main focus, there are 70 golf courses to chosse from, always with a campsites close by. Beach holiday? Set the GPS towards one of the cabins by the white sandy beaches on the west- south- and east coasts. Domsten and Vikingstrands Badplats in Helsingborg, and Skansenbadet’s beach in Båstad, are all great places. The same goes for the 2.5 km long beach, Ribersborg Beach, in the heart of Malmö.

Combine camping with cycling and hiking

Skåne is widely known for its ultra-romantic, undulating scenery and lush farm lands. Use a bike as a mode of transport, stocking up for picnics in the many farm shops along the road and plan a stop at one of the many fascinating art galleries! If you are keen on walking, head to the centre of Skåne, or the northern part of the region. Söderåsens National Park is hilly, while the nature reserve Fulltofta by Ringsjön offers flat and family friendly terrain. Ringsjön’s magical camping opportunities and beaches make it one of Skåne’s most popular holiday destinations!

Watch the camping videos

Have you already seen our camping videos? SCR Swedish camping produced some 20 short, funny and informing videos about popular destinations, most of them with English subitles. Take a look!