1. The world’s largest playground!

It is always easy for parents to relax when they know that their children are having fun and are in safe hands. From Skåne in the south to Swedish Lapland in the north the Swedish campsites know how to get the little ones to enjoy themselves! At Swedish campsites staff are at the ready to help no matter what: games, treasure hunts and crabbing are priorities!

2. A fantastic selection of cabins

Are you tempted to try camping, but don’t own a motorhome, caravan or tent? Sweden has the solution! Many of the Swedish campsites have a great selection of top quality holiday cabins. Some are small and cosy, others large and luxurious. Visit www.camping.se to book today!

3. World class service!

The Swedes are renowned for providing world class service. No matter where in the country you go camping, you are greeted with broad smiles, courtesy and helpfulness. Want luxurious surroundings in addition to superb service? Several of Sweden’s campsites are 5-star!

4. A culture you simply will fall in love with!

Playful, happy, polite and correct. These are four words that describe Swedes in a nutshell. They often speak very good English, as well as German and French and are well travelled people who are easy to get to know. If you go camping in Sweden, buy the Camping Key Europe card. The card gives you a wide range of benefits, and discounts on lots of sights and attractions near the campsites where you are staying. This is how to become better acquainted with the Swedes – and their culture!

5. The cleanest nature in the world

Sweden consists of 449,964 km2 of land to explore! Fantastic archipelagos, islands, forests, majestic canals, lakes and mountains are all within a short distance of each other. The country has excellent roads – camping is a convenient and wonderfully flexible way to get to know Sweden.

6. The easiest way to book your holiday

Do you want to map out opportunities from north to south to find your dream place? On www.camping.se you can order a free camping directory, and reserve your tent, caravan or cabin at all campsites that are members of the SCR (Swedish camping)!

7. The modern way to holiday

Swedish campsites are at the forefront when it comes to being environmentally friendly, facilities and comfort. Wireless internet, restaurants, swimming pools and supermarkets? Or pure nature in beautiful national parks? The options at Swedish campsites are endless!

8. A country of four seasons!

Want to experience the flowering season in spring, the summer’s beach life, or the stunning sea of colours in autumn? Each season has its advantages – and Sweden has about 90 campsites with swimming pools that ensure an extra-long swimming season!

9. More for your money with the Camping Key Europe card

The Camping Key Europe card gives you lots of discounts. The card makes checking in and out of campsites super easy, and you move more quickly between cities and regions.

10. A broad palette of bonus benefits

While camping in Sweden we can almost guarantee that you will love the relaxed atmosphere and feel right at home! But there is, of course, added benefits; great service, 450 sites to choose from and low prices. Plus added extras such as impressive animal parks and zoos, clean, beautiful nature, exciting cities and a wealth of fun family attractions. Not yet convinced? Go to www.camping.se today and find your dream holiday!