The nature route

Swedish roads are great for cars, mobile homes and caravans alike. And if you’re looking for outdoor activities, Sweden is definitely the right place. Experience the region of Skåne where you can drive from one coast to the other in an hour and a half. Or Bohuslän with fishing villages to explore along the coast, and thousands of lakes and forests inland. The further north you go, the higher the mountains, cleaner the streams and clearer the air. In Swedish Lapland, wilderness and the Midnight Sun rules. It’s so amazing you might not want to drive back home. But you will do anyway, if only to experience the contrast in nature all over again!

Let the kids decide!

The best thing with a driving holiday is the freedom it offers. If you’re after sun, sea and swimming, head to the region of Bohuslän. Or if your holiday requires animal parks, amusement parks, coastline or inland experiences. You can go city camping in Gothenburg or Malmö, or give your kids a holiday filled with climbing and hiking in the mountain resort of Åre. If you have children, dreams and a car, Sweden has the roads leading to a great family holiday!

Routes for grown-ups

Ask yourself what your dream holiday is! Is it filled with great dining experiences, hunting for antiques and culture, or perhaps seeing the Midnight Sun? Follow one of Sweden’s gourmet routes, like ”Taste of Skåne”, or ”Taste of West Sweden” – both take you to the best foodie places in the regions. For art, drive to Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn’s homes in Värmland. Or take a castle and manor house trip around Skåne, which has 300 great places to visit! Whichever route you choose, make sure you stop at the ”Loppis”- sign posts along the way; you never know what treasures and antiques you might find!