Sweden has varied wildlife in lots of ways! From Swedish Lapland in the north to Skåne in the south you can choose between seeing them in the wild, or in parks and aquariums.

A natural world

Pack your binoculars and a camera, and keep your eyes peeled and ears open! With a varied landscape and around 30 National Parks, it’s obvious you are letting yourself in for some magical encounters while on a holiday in Sweden! If you would like to see moose or beavers close-up, there are plenty of guided safaris as well as moose parks in both Lapland, Värmaland, Västerbotten and West Sweden. Seal safaris are organised in the Kosterhavet National Park and you can take part in a seafood safari along the entire Bohuslän coast. You join local fishermen out at sea and fish for prawns, lobster, crab, crayfish and oysters. The archipelago and the fishing is magical, but the highlight is probably in the evening when you get served your own catch at a cosy restaurant at sea!

Aquariums and animal parks

It’s a short distance between Sweden’s many aquariums and animal parks, and many work towards conservation of endangered species. Fancy seeing sharks or piranhas? Or are the Swedish species more your cup of tea? At the Universeum museum in Gothenburg you’ll find both, while Havets Hus in Lysekil focus on species in the local waters. If you would like to see Nordic animal species, Nordens Ark in Bohuslän is ideal. Skåne Animal Park, Borås Zoo and Park Zoo in Eskilstuna all have Nordic as well as exotic species. If you’re looking for the truly spectacular, Orsa Grönklitt has the largest bear park in Europe. And don’t forget the islands; Öland’s Zoo and Amusement Park has tropical and endangered species from all over the world!