The salmon ladder in the Gullspång River

The salmon ladder in the Gullspång River

In Gullspång you can learn more about the unique Gullspång salmon, a species that can only be found in two places in the whole world.

The Gullspång River runs through the Gullspång community and joins Lake Skagern and Lake Vänern together. During the early 20th century a power-plant dam was built in Gullspång in order to extract hydraulic power from the large Gullspång cataract. In this way the Gullspång salmon's natural route to its spawning place in Lake Skagern, as well as parts of the riverbed were dried out.

In order to preserve the salmon strain a salmon ladder was built in the lower and steepest part of the Gullspång cataract.

The salmon ladder was built by gradually blasting out the bed of the Gullspång cataract and creating small basins by using moulded "steps". The entire minimal course of water is let out via the fish way, which facilitates for salmon and trout to find their way up. Together with the measures taken in the Gullspång cataract this also implies that new spawning areas and favourable growth conditions are created in a previously dried up part of the river. Salmon and trout should now, once again, be able to wander up here to spawn.

Why not visit the salmon ladder and then take a walk up to the spawning place approx. 200 metres upstream.

During the late autumn the salmon wander up from  Lake Vänern in the Gullspång River to spawn. During the time for spawning in October and the beginning of November one can see the fish in the water.


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