Restaurang G at Gullmarsstrand

Restaurang G at Gullmarsstrand

Restaurang G is part of Gullmarsstrand Hotel & Konferens hotel/conference facility in what is now the holiday resort of Fiskebäckskil.

The hotel/restaurant and adjoining buildings are white, glass-fronted, modernist and offer outstanding views across the water to the fishing town of Lysekil.

Restaurant G's Credo:
With Inspiration from Bohuslän's Coast, Land & Ocean.

It feels natural that our reputational menu should be inspired by the ocean and put together by what is available to us by local suppliers and producers. We receive daily deliveries of fresh fish from Gothenburg and local fishermen, such as LL91 that makes sure we have Langoustines, Lobster, Mackerel and they harbour right outside the window were you are seated.

The kitchen strongly believes in following the seasonal offerings and great care is considered for the environment and fauna in our procedures and when choosing producers to work with. Therefore we work closely mainly with swedish farmers.

It is with great pride that we announce our kitchen to be certified with "KRAV", our Hotel to be "Svanen" branded and our company to be a member in "Västsvensk Mersmak".

We hope this will become clear to you, not only by the food we serve you but also by us trying to exceed all your expectations as our guest and by the attentive care we will always show you...

Call us: +46 (0) 523-667788
Address: Strandvägen 2-14, 45178 Fiskebäckskil