Rörstrand's Museum, Lidköping

Rörstrand's Museum, Lidköping

New museum

The museum opened in March 2008, with a spectacular exhibition designed by White Architects. Among white, abstract pieces of china are cultural treasures from 280 years of manufacturing. Out of its basement store of 15,000 objects, the museum has retrieved pop ceramics, granny's Sunday tea set, mass-produced objects, items from the 'mossmajolika' series, Art Deco and the yuppie china of the 1980s.

We show Lennart Hansson's donation for the first time. 60 unique Rörstrand items from 1800-1920, lovingly collected over many years, by the china and glass retailer Lennart Hansson in Lund. These magnificent pieces have now been donated to the museum, and thereby returned home.

The Rörstrand Museum Gallery holds different exhibitions with contemporary art and crafts.

Rörstrand's history

Rörstrand was founded in 1726, after the Great Nordic War, when trade and domestic production were needed to improve the country's poor economy.

As more people were able to afford porcelain, the production increased. By the end of the 1800s, Rörstrand had around 1,000 employees and an extensive range of products. The company made everything from parts for china dolls to tiled stoves! Dinner services were made from bone and feldspar china.

In 1926, the factory moved from Stockholm to Gothenburg. Ten years later, Rörstrand merged with AB Lidköpings Porslinsfabrik (ALP) and the manufacturing was moved to Lidköping between 1936-39. The modern Rörstrand was born.
During the 20th century, more than a hundred artists and designers supplied Rörstrand with modern designs. Personalities who have left their marks on both dinner services and on Swedish porcelain art.

During the latter part of the 1900s, the financial situation for the porcelain industry changed. A number of mergers and company fusions affected Rörstrand, among many others.

Rörstrand is now 280 years old, the factory in Lidköping has closed down, and the china is manufactured in Hungary and Sri Lanka. But the blue R remains, and with it the love of fine china.

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