The Karlsborg Fortress

The Karlsborg Fortress

The Karlsborg Fortress

With a circumference measuring all of 5 km, this fortress is one of Europe's largest built structures.

Karlsborg Fortress

Karlsborg Fortress has given the town its name and is now a monument to a bygone era.

It was built as a central defence in the country, intended to house the Swedish Parliament, the royal family, the crown jewels and the nation’s gold reserves in the event of war.

With a circumference of five kilometres, the Karlsborg Fortress is one of Europe’s largest constructions.

Tourists come in droves each year to experience the fortress adventure and feel the wings of history within its thick stone walls.

The adventure tour

Come along on a unique guided tour through the Karlsborg Fortress. The tour starts with a film on life in the fortress circa 1865. Then the guide takes you down into the underground passages. History and modern technology are cleverly combined in an adventure you just can’t miss.

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