Authentic Archipelago Experiences in Grebbestad, Everts Sjöbod

Authentic Archipelago Experiences in Grebbestad, Everts Sjöbod

With us you get to experience the best the Swedish west coast has to offer; all year round.

Join us on a boat trip to fish mackerel by hand line, empty lobster and crab creels, or learn how to open an oyster. Alternatively, you can join us on a swimming excursion, a guided tour or take a bathe in a wood-fired hot tub.

Your own suggestions are also welcome.

Below you see some information about us and what we have to offer.

Welcome to grebbestad & Bohuslan!

Accomodation at Everts Sjöbod

In 2013 Everts Sjöbod buildt 6 double rooms. All rooms are situated at the beach and 4 of them with a sea view.

All rooms have a privat balcony and dock, it is a common living room with kitchen and all the rooms have TV, toilet and shower.

Extrabed and babycot are available if you book it in advance.

The boat house

Our boat house is built in the 19th century and is recently carefully renovated. We have kept the unique old style and the whole building is full of materials that have been there for hundereds of years. The boat house is situated in Grönemad, 2 km from Grebbestad. This is the place where all experiences starts.

In the boat house you can experience an oyster course, boil mussles, take a bath in a wood-fired hot tub or eat lobster supé and shellfish.


This boat is build in Orust 1952. She is build of the well-known boat builder Gösta Johansson. She is renovated in a perfect condition and the old beautiful style is kept.

Length: 8,7 m
Wide: 3,3 m
Weight: 4,5 tonne

This boat is allowed to take 12 passengers.

Minor 31, Evert

The boat Evert is a Minor 31 and can be used in all types of weather. It is perfect if you need transfer from one place to another or if you want to travel to for example an island/ city far away from Grebbestad.

Lobster safari

The lobster fishing starts the first Monday after September 20 every year, and you are allowed to fish till end of April. During this period you are welcome to join in our boat Tuffa and draw up your own lobster!

When we go out to fish lobster we always start with a safety breifing in the boathouse. After that we have 2,5 hour of fishing to look forward to! During the trip you will have some hot coffe and Grebbestads delicious seaweed bread with horseradish chees on. A real tast sensation!

In the evening you can stay in the boat hose and experiense a delicate lobster supé.

Oyster course

We have oyster courses both in the boat house and out at the sea in our boat Tuffa.

During these two hours you got to learn about the oysters, the different speices and how to open them in a good and safe way. Of course you got to enjoy them together with Grebbestads own beer, Carnegie porter.

You can always combine an oyster safari/ course with another experience, so take the opportunity and taste maybe the best oyster in the world!

Crab- & mackerel fishing

Come with us and fish crab and mackerel in the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslan a sunny summer day!

Both the crab- & the mackerel fishing arebest in june, july and august.

Enjoy a day at sea with Grebbestad´s famous seaweed bread and simply enjoy the environment while fishing, take a sun bath and maybe even a bath in the Swedish ocean.

Call us: +46 (0) 525-14242
Address: Grönemadsvägen 61, 45795 Grebbestad