Knäck & Bräck

Knäck & Bräck

Tasty crisp bread

As well as being good for you, our crisp breads give you a tasty, eating experience. Our range of crisp breads includes flavours such as lingonberry, sesame, juniper berry, tomato, blueberry and many more. During the year we also make seasonally inspired crisp breads. You can eat our crisp breads for breakfast, or serve them at a dinner party. Our new bakery is in Östra Tunhem, near the town of Falköping.


Our rusks are a crispy, crumbly treat with coffee and are made from exclusive ingredients; real butter and spelt – with not an E-number in sight.

Call us: +46 (0) 70-6980640
Address: Östra Tunhem, 52194 Falköping